Web Engineering

Custom Web Development.

Our Dynamic team members shape up the idea you have woven and hand you a website that is in line with your budget and turns all your business dreams to reality.

Portal Web Development.

We leverage the expertise and skills of Our team of experts will see you through your project of building efficient multi-vendor marketplaces that are customizable, mobile-friendly, secure, reliable and affordable for all kinds of industries.

Content Management Systems

From our field experience some companies and businesses are reluctant in having a website because they feel like there’s no body in their team with the skills to manage that but CMS solutions have make it easier for a person without any programming skills to manage any website.

E-Commerce Solutions

Ecommerce Web Design

Move your business online and connect with clients globly while still having a physical store or market place. Thanks to TBG your e-store dreams with our e-commerce web design solutions enriched with the power of Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, XDrupal, Zen cart, etc.

Multi-Vendor E-commerce Platforms

Do you intend to have a platform of your own or for your business where multiple vendors could come and sell? we will provide you with a fully mobile friendly, fully-customized, secure, and seo optimized multi-vendor e-commerce platform.


Business Consulting

Graphics Design

Online Marketing and Branding

Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
E-Commerce SEO
Restaurant Reputation Management
PPC Services

Website Auditing

Why should we Audit your Website

We are interested in getting our clients get the most out of their websites. Do you have a blog, corporate website, web applications or any web app running on the internet and you will like to audit it? We will provide you will a clean and intuitive reports with insights data which will be help decision makers better understand may be while the website is slow, poor user experience, SEO quality…

We have great tools to carry out the following Audits and Produce reports for our clients


Domaine Names & Hosting

Getting Your Domaine name and Hosting

We help you choose of the best domains available for your businesses and why not even see you through the process of buying domains that have been bought already and that are on sold.
Domain is a diverse element on the web with addresses sharing data and information under the control of a specific company or individual, or In simple term domain name is a sole identification of a website on the web indicating to an individual or business. In conclusion we can see a domain name to be a name use to uniquely identify a business, company, organization or individuals online because no 2 entities can have the same domain name on the internet. The domain name is always distinct for all website addresses through which your visitor can browse your web page and get the desired information.

More on domaine Names

When we talk of Domain names by default we are referring to Top Level domains(TLD’s) You can select your domain with certain extensions like .com, .net, .in, .co, .in, and etc. Once you book your domain with a proper extension, then no other user can book the same domain with the same extension. That specific domain IP address is allocated to you only. You’re free to build a website using that domain name or use it for any other purpose. It is important to keep in mind that your domain name is the unique identity for your business or your brand so, it will give your business a brand value and navigate the user to your website.

We provide the following Hosting services at affordable prices


Bulk SMS Marketing

Get your Bulk SMS Package today get the most out of it!

Do you need branding the sms you send out to your clients using your brand name and identity, our bulk sms marketing service see you through converting prospects to clients with short messaging system that speak by itself.

Websites & Server Administration

Why not outsource your IT and concentarte on what matters to your Business?

We handle Server Administration in all its forms, let us handle your IT infrastructure and manage it while you concentrate on the subject matter of your business. These includes Dedicated Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Shared Hosting’s, etc.
-We see clients throughout the whole administration services process ranging from purchase, installation, configuration, maintenance, etc.,

Community Management

Let our experienced Community Managers handle both your Personal & Business Social Media Pages

TheBest-Group has community managers are committed to making your brands stand out of the crowd across different social media platforms. It takes a strategic plan and operations strategies to engage in conversation and keep the users returning to your social media channels. Our Community Management Services goes along with our Marketing Packages because we’ve experiment and have observe the massive difference it can make to your business. TheBest-Group Community Management Service Include:

Product, Business or Company Representation

We can represent your business or distribute your products across Africa

The Best Group today had the capacity and capability of representing companies, organizations, products exclusive distributors across the entire sub-Sahara Africa. We help Business from outside Africa to extend their activities into Africa and especially in Cameroon where we have our headquarters by providing them with adequate information as per business industry required for better decision making.

Training and Capacity Building

Why not invest in yourself or your team?

One of the Goals of TheBest Group is to see people and businesses develop theirselves and one major way of doing this equipping these people with the knowledge and skill needed in the job market.

As a result of this The Best Group is committed to working with individuals or businesses who wish to improve their skills by organizing on demand trainings and workshops for them and these can be done both onsite and offline because we got the technologies and infrastructures for that.

E-Learning Solutions.

We can provide you or your business a platform dedicated for Distance Learning, Training or Meeting Purposes

Making sure that distance should not be a problem is part of the success in your business. Thanks to the IoT we can’t have meetings with partner’s worldwide, Training or lecture your students across the world, and even host your one-on-one consultations with your clients across the globe.

We can make all of this possible by putting in place a reliable platform to handle your needs and that of your business.

Talents Acquisition

Do you need qualify staffs, Personals for a project, or consultants in your industry?

We have a database of Talented professionals across the industries we serve to put at your disposal when needed.

We serve as a liaison by making sure we provide the best talents to our clients for their various projects and building long term relationships.

Translation and Transcription

Our Translators and Transcribers can get your Translation or Transcription Project done on time and with maximum accuracy

We work with qualified and experienced teams of Translators and transcribers to answer the demand from our loyal and new clients.
We have completed a good number of projects and walk with clients from across the globe.
Our Quality Assurance Team here refer as reviewers are Senior translators and transcribers in charge of making sure any work done complies with the context and norms.
We also assist clients in content production before even moving onto Translation.

Industries we Serve

We provide service across different industries

Real Estate
Media & Entertainment
Construction & Projects
Tourism & Hospitality
Food & Agro

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